About us

In 1974, when Joseph            Di Marco moved his family to NYC, from Palermo, Italy,
his visions were that one day he would build an honest and hardworking cabinet company,like his father and grandfather had.

Joseph found employment as a cabinet maker at John Scalia ,one of the top leading furniture makers in NYC at that time.

Late in 1978, Joseph left Scalia to join Marshall Company.
Two years later he was joined by his sons, Steven and Louie .
In 1991,Joseph, Louie and Steven left Marshall Company and they set off to open their own construction company called, Di Marco Contracting and Woodworking .
The company began to take interior renovation jobs, working with top decorators.

 In 1999, the company became incorporated,namely, Di Marco Contracting Inc.

In the year 2000,Di Marco Contracting Inc. led by Louie and Steven,
acquired Marshall Company. They expanded it's  business and clientele .

 Di Marco Contracting Inc. employs  skilled cabinet makers, carpenters,
plaster men , painters, along with experienced and knowledgeable
project managers, running projects to the finest details.

Our motto is: " Hard work and reliability gets the job done."
Our scope is to please our clients by bringing their dreams to life.